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Table 1 Respiratory distress assessment instrument*

From: Frequency of pleural effusion in acute bronchiolitis and its effect on prognosisFrequenza di versamento pleurico nella bronchiolite acuta e suoi effetti sulla prognosi

N of points
Variable 0 1 2 3 4 Maximum points
Expiratory None End 1-2 (1/2nd expiration) 3-4 (3/4th expiration) All 4
Inspiratory None Part All NA NA 2
Location None Segmental ≤ 2-4th lung fields Diffuse ≥ 3-4th lung fields NA NA 2
Supraclavicular None Mild Moderate Marked NA 3
Intercostal None Mild Moderate Marked NA 3
Subcostal None Mild Moderate Marked NA 3
  1. Definition of abbreviation: NA, not applicable. *Within each variable the subscores are summed to give a total score. The maximum total score for wheezing is 8, and for retraction is 9.