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Table 1 Drugs for OAD which were reimbursed by HIFM ( Positive list of OAD drugs) in 2010

From: Evaluation of pharmacotherapy of obstructive airway diseases in the Montenegrin outpatient care: comparison with two Scandinavian countries

ATC code-4th level Chemical/therapeutic subgroup ATC code- 5thlevel Generic name
R03AC R03AC02 Salbutamol
Selective β2 adrenoceptor agonists R03AC12 Salmeterol
R03AK R03AK03 Fenoterol, ipratropium
Adrenergics and other drugs for OAD R03AK06 Salmeterol, fluticasone
R03BA R03BA01 Beclomethasone
Glucocorticoids R03BA02 Budesonide
  R03BA05 Fluticasone
R03BC R03BC01 Disodium
Antiallergic agents (excluding corticosteroids)   cromoglicate
R03DA R03DA04 Theophylline
Xanthines R03DA05 Aminophylline