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Table 3 Diagnosis, antifungal therapy, and outcomes in 11 COPD patients with IPA

From: Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  Diagnosis Risk factora Chest x-ray Thorax CT Type of specimen Isolation type Antifungal treatment GM value and control (ng/mL) Beta D- Glucan (pg/mL) Death
1 Probable Steroid Infiltration, cavitation Infiltration, cavity Sputum, pleural fluid A. niger LAMB 3.79 → 0.24 none Yes
2 Probable Steroid Infiltration Infiltration Bronchial lavage A. fumigatus LAMB 0.53 → none none Yes
3 Probable Steroid Cavitation Cavity Sputum Aspergillus species AMB 3.79 → 2.33 none Yes
4 Probable Steroid and antibiotic Infiltration Infiltration, consolidation Sputum and bronchial lavage Aspergillus species AMB 9.16→ none none Yes
5 Probable Steroid Consolidation Consolidation Bronchial lavage A. niger AMB 5.48 → 4.38 none Yes
6 Probable Steroid Cavitation, nodule Infiltration, cavity, nodule Sputum A. fumigatus AMB 0.22 → none > 523 Yes
7 Provenb Steroid and antibiotic Consolidation, nodule Consolidation, nodule Sputum A. fumigatus AMB, then voriconazole 0.54 → 0.33 59 No
8 Provenb Antibiotic Infiltration Infiltration, nodule Bronchial lavage A. fumigatus AMB, then voriconazole 0.60 → 0.30 none No
9 Probable Steroid Infiltration Infiltration Bronchial lavage A. fumigatus AMB, then voriconazole 0.50 → 0.16 51 No
10 Probable Steroid Infiltration, nodule Infiltration, nodule Sputum A. niger LAMB, then voriconazole 0.17 → none 90 No
11 Provenb Steroid and antibiotic Infiltration Infiltration Transbronchial biopsy A. fumigatus LAMB, then voriconazole 0.39 → none > 523 No
  1. aThe term Steroid includes only systemic corticosteroid treatment.
  2. bHyphae were seen in the pathological examination of biopsy material.
  3. AMB, Amphotericin B deoxycholate; IPA, Invasive pulmonary aspergillosis; LAMB, Liposomal amphotericin B.