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Figure 7

From: Evaluation of pulmonary dysfunctions and acid–base imbalances induced by Chlamydia psittaci in a bovine model of respiratory infection

Figure 7

Gamblegram at 3 dpi. Calves were either challenged with 108 inclusion forming units of C. psittaci or sham inoculated (controls). The thickness of the arrow indicates the strengths of the influence. Na+ decreased remarkably (8 mmol/L) 3 dpi in C. psittaci infected calves, therefore HCO3 decreased; but Cl- decreased clearly (6 mmol/L) too, therefore HCO3 should increase. Both influences together Na+ and Cl- lead to a minimal decrease of HCO3. Similar reaction were seen in SID and Atot, both decreased (SID = acidotic, Atot = alkalotic), that is why no change occurred in venous pH.

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