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Table 2 Data to be recorded in the Implementation form (for an explanation, see text[10, 11])

From: Audit on the appropriateness of integrated COPD management: the “ALT-BPCO” project

1 Method of assessing the presence of bronchial obstruction ([10], pg. 38)
2 Organization of meetings with the reference GPs to exchange information in the year preceding the survey
3 The possibility to administer, through the GPs in their area, screening questionnaires for COPD ([10], pg. 44)
4 Knowledge about the risk cards for COPD of the National Health Institute (NIH) ([10], pg. 43)
5 The possibility to use, with GPs of their area, the risk cards
6 The possibility to provide pharmacological and behavioral therapy to COPD smoker patients ([10], pg. 57)
7 The modes of prescription of long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) at home ([10], pg. 84)
8 Periodic verification of the indication for and effective use of LTOT ([10], pg. 84)
9 The effective possibility to offer patients pulmonary rehabilitation treatment ([10], pg. 178)
10 The availability of care facilities for COPD patients in the acute phase ([10], pg. 87)
11 The possibility to educate patients as regards self-management ([10], pg. 178)
12 The possibility to jointly agree with the patient’s GP on discharge of hospitalized COPD patients
13 The availability of specialist home care ([11], pg. 3-32)
14 The availability of tele-care facilities ([11], pg. 32)