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Table 2 Active ingredients available on the market with their related device and dose

From: COPD: adherence to therapy

  Breezhaler® Handihaler® Respimat® Genuair® Diskus® Turbohaler®
Active ingredient Indacaterol and Glycopyrronium Tiotropium bromide Tiotropium bromide Aclidinium bromide Salmeterol/fluticasone Formoterol/budesonide
Dose in a capsule 150μg/300μg INDA 18μg 2,5μg 400μg6 50μg SAL 400μg BUD
50μg GLICO 100/250/500μg FP7 12μg FORM8
Delivered dose 120μg/240μg INDA 10μg9 2,5μg 375μg6 45μg SAL 320μg BUD
44μg GLICO 90/225/450μg FP10 9μg FORM8
Type of device SD-DPI SD-DPI Soft-inhaler MD-DPI MD-DPI MD-DPI
  1. ®, trademark.