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Table 4 Effects of 5mm increments in abdominal adipose tissue on the percentage of predictive values of the Forced Vital Capacity and the Expiratory Reserve Volume in the studied population

From: The impact of abdominal adiposity measured by sonography on the pulmonary function of pre-menopausal females

5mm increment in adipose tissue deposition Reduction
TAT 0.83 % 4.25 %
VAT 0.81 % 4.31 %
SAT 1.90 % 9.44 %
  1. %FVC, percentage of predictive Forced Vital Capacity, %ERV, percentage of predictive Expiratory Reserve Volume, TAT (cm), Total abdominal adipose tissue, VAT (cm), Visceral adipose tissue, SAT (cm), Subcutaneousadipose tissue