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Table 3 Treatment options employed and follow up results in the cases under investigation

From: Desmoplastic small round cell tumors of the pleura: a review of the clinical literature

Article Treatment Follow up (months) Patient status
Bian et al. [6] Surgery, Chemotherapy. NA Dead at 2nd year
Choi et al. [7] NA NA NA
Parkash et al. [8] Surgery, chemotherapy in both cases Case 1: 18
Case 2: 15
Case 1: Alive with stable disease.
Case 2: Dead.
Venkateswaran et al.,1997 [9] Chemotherapy 4 Dead
Sàpi et al. [10] Chemotherapy. 15 Dead
Ostoros et al. [11] Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy. 76 Dead
Cranja et al., 2005 [12] Radiation, chemotherapy 8 Dead
Karavitakis et al. [13] Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, Chemotherapy. 34 Free of disease
Quarssani et al., 2011 [14] Radiation, chemotherapy 53 Alive with disease
Benbrahim et al., 2012 [15] Chemotherapy 5 Alive with disease
Jian et al. [16] Chemotherapy 22 Dead.
Cao et al. [17] Surgery 32 Free of disease
Won et al., 2015 [18] Chemotherapy 16 Dead
Ikeue et al. [19] Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation 6 Alive with disease