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Table 1 Patients who discontinued pirfenidone more than 1 day prior to transplantation

From: Effect of pirfenidone on wound healing in lung transplant patients

Variable Patient 1 Patient 2 Patient 3 Patient 4
Age, years 59 68 67 69
Number of days before LTx pirfenidone was stopped 6 15 16 21
Pirfenidone dose at time of discontinuation 801 mg PO TID 801 mg PO TID 801 mg PO TID 801 mg PO TID
Duration of pirfenidone treatment 30-90 days > 90 days 30-90 days < 30 days
Reason for stopping pirfenidone VV ECMO BTT with feeding tube ECMO BTT with feeding tube Cost Adverse GI effects
Prednisone dose at LTx 10 mg PO daily 10 mg PO daily 20 mg PO daily None
  1. Abbreviations: BTT bridge to transplantation, GI gastrointestinal, LTx lung transplantation, PO per oral, TID ter in die (3 times per day), VV ECMO venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation