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Table 1 Respiratory reflux and neurogenic syndromes

From: XII AIST 2018 Conference: “The thousand faces of cough: clinical and therapeutic updates”

Respiratory reflux integrated aerodigestive medicine
Chronic cough Asthma
Chronic bronchitis Allergy
Shortness of breath Inability to take a full breath
Chronic obstructive lung disease Recurrent pneumonia
Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Snoring and Sleep apnea
Chronic throat clearing Excessive nose & throat mucus
Post-nasal drip Sinusitis
Paradoxical VF movement Laryngospasm
Dysphonia Odynophonia
Globus Dysphagia
Sore throat Throatburn
Gastroparesis Odynophagia
Big uvula syndrome Ear blockage
Laryngeal & Airway stenosis Aerodigestive tract cancer
  1. Often associated with neurogenic vagal dysfunction