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Table 2 WHO and ACIP recommendations for pneumococcal vaccination 2012

From: Predictors of yearly influenza vaccination in hospitalized and community based patients

Pneumococcal Vaccination
WHO recommendations ACIP recommendations
Healthy elderly (> 65 yrs. of age), particularly those living in institutions All persons aged 65 years or more
Patients with chronic organ failure  
Heart, lung, liver or kidney disease, diabetes mellitus and alcoholism Chronic heart/lung/liver/kidney disease, DM and alcoholism
Children > 2 yrs. old at high risk for disease (splenectomised children and sickle-cell disease) Patients with leukaemia/lymphoma/multiple myeloma
Patients with immunodeficiencies particularly those with functional or anatomical asplenia Congenital/acquired immunodeficiencies, congenital/acquired asplenia; splenic dysfunction or splenectomy; organ transplantation or diseases requiring immunosuppressive drugs
Prevention of subsequent pneumococcal infection in patients recovering from proven or assumed pneumococcal pneumonia Nephrotic syndrome
  HIV infection
Others including: cochlear implants, CSF leaks and cigarette smoking