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Table 2 A comprehensive summary of indications for AATD testing across documents for the clinical management of chronic respiratory disease

From: Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency as a common treatable mechanism in chronic respiratory disorders and for conditions different from pulmonary emphysema? A commentary on the new European Respiratory Society statement

Document Disease Indications for AATD testing
Global strategy for prevention, diagnosis and management of COPD, 2018 [49] COPD All patients with a diagnosis of COPD, especially in areas with high AATD prevalence
Global strategy for asthma management and prevention, 2018 [50] Asthma No indication for AATD testing
European Respiratory Society, 2017 [54] Bronchiectasis Patients with basal emphysema or early onset airflow obstruction
Pulmonology Portuguese Society Bronchiectasis Study Group, 2018 [53] Bronchiectasis All patients with a diagnosis of BE
Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, 2015 [62] Bronchiectasis No indication for AATD testing
British Thoracic Society, 2010 [51] Bronchiectasis Patients with basal emphysema.
Normativa SEPAR, 2008 [52] Bronchiectasis Patients with emphysema and /or liver disease