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Fig. 1

From: From CPAP to tailored therapy for obstructive sleep Apnoea

Fig. 1

The future of tailored therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). The left panel shows the traditional clinical pathway for recognition and treatment of OSA The right panel shows a proposed new approach for the future of tailored therapy. A range of clinical expression subtypes are recognised (including asymptomatic). Diagnosis provides more information than a single metric such as the AHI. Prognostic information on susceptibility to future comorbidity risk from biomarkers. Information about endotype from more sophisticated analysis of genomic and molecular signatures, as well as physiological signals (also help to guide OSA treatment selection). OSA treatment informed by general factors of patient preference, predictors of treatment response, multidisciplinary care for adjunctive therapies (to address symptoms and co-morbidities). Follow up focus on patient-centred outcomes (not just efficacy assessment)‚ÄČ+‚ÄČoptimisation

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