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Table 4 Motives reported by the 245a participants who gave motives in an observational research bronchoscopy study

From: Motivation and response rates in bronchoscopy studies

Motives n Percentage
Primarily altruism b 165 67.3
Previous participation 23 9.4
Contribute to science 96 39.2
Help others 39 15.9
Give back (for previous participation) 7 2.9
Generally positive (to examination or participation and “yes-human”) 6 2.4
Social responsibility 3 1.2
COPD in family/among friends (including risk of COPD in family) 19 7.8
Available time 3 1.2
Primarily personal benefit b 128 52.2
Personal health benefit 120 49.0
Experience the discomfort of bronchoscopy 1 0.4
Challenge 1 0.4
Curiosity 14 5.7
Fun 1 0.4
Primarily obligation b 5 2.0
Acquaintance (in study, working with and was connected to the study or asked by) 4 1.6
Trust in authority/research 1 0.4
Missing 20 8.2
  1. aParticipation was not part of the questionnaire for the first four participants
  2. bUnique motives are categorised into three main motives (in italic) by merging the unique motives listed below the main motive. The frequency (n) of main motives is not equal to the sum of each principal motive because a subject stating both "personal health benefit" and "challenge" would result in two observations in principal motives, but just one after merging