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Fig. 2

From: Efficacy and safety profile of doxofylline compared to theophylline in asthma: a meta-analysis

Fig. 2

Forest plot of pair-wise meta-analysis concerning the impact of doxofylline vs. theophylline on asthma events (a) and adverse events (d), with relative publication bias assessment via funnel plots (b and e) and Egger’s test (c and f). Ranking plot resulting from the network meta-analysis of efficacy (g) and safety (h) in which treatments were plotted on X-axis according to SUCRA (score of 1 being the most effective) and on Y-axis according to the rank of being the best treatment (score of 1 being the most effective). *P < 0.05. AEs: adverse events; SND: standard normal deviate; SUCRA: surface under the cumulative ranking curve

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