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Table 1 General characteristics of patients who evaluated devices using the Global Usability Score questionnaire

From: Patients’ usability of seven most used dry-powder inhalers in COPD

 Instructed to DPI (n = 74)Not instructed to DPI (n = 29)
Group 1Group 2Group 3pGroup 1Group 2Group 3p
N272819 9911 
Mean age (SD)68.6 (12.3)69 (10.4)67.6 (12.4)0.923458.9 (9.0)64.3 (13.4)64.9 (11.2)0.4578
Sex (male)62.5%64.3%57.9%0.904622.2%33.3%45.5%0.5515
Countrya   0.0002   0.9999
 North92.3%39.3%63.2% 66.7%66.7%63.6% 
 Center3.8%17.9%10.5% 33.3%33.3%27.3% 
 South and Islands3.8%42.9%26.35 0.0%0.0%9.1% 
Educationa   0.1658   0.5683
 Primary13.0%7.7%10.5% 0.0%11.1%0.0 
 Lower secondary26.1%57.7%42,1% 44.4%66.7%57.9% 
 Upper secondary56.5%30.8%42,1% 44.4%22.2%31.6% 
 Degree4.3%3.8%5,3% 11.1%0.0%10.5% 
  1. Group1 tested Breezhaler, Spiromax, Nexthaler, and Ellipta; Group 2 tested Breezhaler, Spiromax, Diskus, and Turbohaler; Group 3 tested Breezhaler and Genuair; DPI dry powder inhalers, SD standard deviation
  2. a Information about country and education are reported also for Group 3, even though available only a few patients who answered those questions