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Table 1 Definitions

From: Image analysis in posttreatment non-small cell lung cancer surveillance: specialists’ interpretations reviewed by the thoracic multidisciplinary tumor board

Agreement Complete agreement between specialist and MTB
 positive a radiological finding is interpreted as suspicious by both
 negative agreement that image is without suspicious findings
Disagreement Disagreement between specialist and MTB
 major disagreement implies management alteration
  diagnostica alteration in diagnostic procedures due to MTB's interpretation
  therapeutica alteration in therapeutic procedures due to MTB's interpratation
  benign to malignanta increase in level of suspicion due to MTB’s interpretation
  malignant to benigna decrease in level of suspicion due to MTB’s interpretation
 minor disagreement implies no management alteration
  1. MTB multidisciplinary tumor board
  2. aone or more options per case possible