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Table 1 Summary of preclinical studies on bromhexine

From: A reappraisal of the mucoactive activity and clinical efficacy of bromhexine

Author Cell type BHC dosage Outcomes
Merker 1966 [8] Rats, bronchial secretory cells 4-20 mg/kg/24 h parenteral Quantitative and qualitative effect on mucus production
Janatuinen 1969 [10] Guinea pigs, bronchial goblet cells 5-10 mg/kg/24 h parenteral Reduction in goblet cells, increased secretory material in airways
Gil 1971 [11] Rats, type II alveolar cells 200 mg/kg/24 h enteral Increased secretion of phospholipids in alveolar space
Harada 1977 [12] Dogs, tracheal mucosa 4 mg intravenous Increase in the output of secretion; goblet cells and submucosal mucus glands emptying
Von Wichert 1977 [14] Rabbits, lung and liver tissues 10 mg/kg intravenous Rapid stimulation of phospholipid synthesis
Martin 1993 [27] Pigs, rheological characteristics of tracheal mucus 0,5 mg/kg Increased concentration of oxytetracycline within the secreted mucus and reversed mucospastic activity of oxytetracycline in vivo
  1. BHC bromhexine hydrochloride