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Fig. 4

From: Longitudinal assessment of bleomycin-induced lung fibrosis by Micro-CT correlates with histological evaluation in mice

Fig. 4

Micro-CT and histology view-matching. a, d Micro-CT dorsal planes of saline and bleomycin-treated mouse at 14 days fitted with the appropriate histological sections, b, e (10×) magnification of normal lung parenchyma of saline (c), moderately fibrotic (f) and heavily fibrotic lung parenchyma of bleomycin-treated mice (g). The squares indicate the position and the matching among histology at low magnification and the Micro-CT. The magnification of the green and black squares (c, f) indicate normal and moderately fibrotic parenchyma detected by histology and Micro-CT, the red one (g) indicates the heavily fibrotic lung that appeared as black in the Micro-CT view. The respective Ashcroft scores are represented in the right side of the figure

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