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Table 2 Most active researchers in the field of air pollution – related respiratory health (1900 – 2017)

From: Outdoor air pollution and respiratory health: a bibliometric analysis of publications in peer-reviewed journals (1900 – 2017)

Rank Researcher Frequency % Affiliation
N = 3635
1st Brunekreef, B. 77 2.2 Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands
2nd Hoek, G. 62 1.7 Utrecht University, Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS), Utrecht, Netherlands
3rd Schwartz, J. 42 1.2 Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health, Boston, United States
4th Künzli, N. 38 1.0 Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Basel, Switzerland
5th Heinrich, J. 36 1.0 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Social and Environmental Medicine, Munich, Germany
6th Sunyer, J. 33 0.9 Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
7th Linn, W.S. 33 0.9 University of Southern California, Department of Preventive Medicine, Los Angeles, United States
8th Forastiere, F. 29 0.8 Lazio Regional Health Service, Department of Epidemiology, Roma, Italy
9th Koenig, J.Q. 28 0.8 No affiliation available in Scopus
10th Kelly, F.J. 28 0.8 King’s College London, Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine, London, United Kingdom